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"Can you get acne in your armpits?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you get acne in your armpits?


Acne in the armpit area? I think that's what's going on with me. it is in the armpit and on the outside part of that same area. And because it doesn't itch I was wondering if it is just acne but I don't know if its possible to get that on your armpits.


It is possible to get acne anywhere on the body, whenever hair follicles become plugged with dead skin or other debris. However, in the armpit, there are several other skin conditions that are very common, and it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference. For this reason, I do recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor, or a dermatologist. They will be able to examine your skin and help you figure out exactly what is going on. For example, in grown hairs, which occur when hair shafts turn around and grow back down on themselves, can present as small red bumps under the armpits. They are more common in those who shave frequently or use hair removal products. It is also possible to have an infection in the individual hair follicles, called folliculitis. This is also most commonly provoked by shaving or depilatory products. It may also be associated with excessive sweating, such as with prolonged exercise. Finally, it is also possible to have an inflammation of the sweat glands in the armpits, which is termed hidradenitis, and can end up being quite a chronic problem. Make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can!

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