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"Who can I talk to about pain management?"

ZocdocAnswersWho can I talk to about pain management?


Do I see my doctor if I want to get into some kind of pain management program or should I go to a hospital? I just have all of this pain on the right side of my body and none of the doctors I have ever seen have been able to tell my why. If that's how it is I just want to get in a program that will manage my pain.


Pain management is an extremely important part of managing your health if you are a patient who suffers from chronic pain. It sounds like you have been through at least some medical evaluation and workup before, and there may well be additional tests and studies that a physician may want to do in the evaluation of your symptoms. However, you may well be the kind of patient who will greatly benefit from an interdisciplinary pain program. The best way to be connected with this kind of program is through your primary care physician as the emergency department is not an effective way to manage chronic pain. Your physician should be able to talk with you about a pain management service that his or her practice can refer patients to. Many pain clinics are staffed by anesthesiologists or other physicians with specialized training in managing pain. However, working with mental health providers and physical therapists can also be very helpful. Some clinics can also incorporate the use of alternative medicine techniques such as acupuncture which can be very helpful for some patients. Please see a pain management specialist soon. Hopefully getting plugged into a pain clinic will help you better manage your symptoms and get back to living your life.

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