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"Why do I feel pressure in my head when it tilts to one side?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I feel pressure in my head when it tilts to one side?


If I tilt my head to the left side I feel all kinds of pressure in the side of my head. What does that mean? I am extremely worried that I have something serious like an aneurysm.


Your concern is very understandable--a new physical symptom can be very unsettling. Any time you notice something new or different with your health, you can always discuss this with your primary care physician. He or she can go over your symptoms as well as your personal health history and exam to determine if this is a serious issue that needs to be investigated with further testing. When it comes to this pressure your are experiencing in your head, it is relatively unlikely that this is an aneurysm since these kinds of vascular abnormalities often cause no symptoms at all until they rupture (why they are a problem). There are, however, many other things that could be causing your symptoms, including a sinus infection or ear infection. When sinus passages do not drain appropriately, pressure can build up on one side of your head, and moving or tilting your head to the side can exacerbate this. The same is true of middle ear infections that can cause fluid buildup near the neural structures that help you maintain balance and equilibrium. Your doctor will want to ask your more questions about your symptoms and when you first noticed this, as well as any other associated symptom such as fever, headache, or nasal discharge. If you have any sudden changes in your symptoms, including abrupt onset of a severe headache, then you should seek immediate medical attention.

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