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"Is my back pain also causing the pain in my chest?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my back pain also causing the pain in my chest?


I've had some back pain along my spine that has been going on for a few months and my doctor and I are working on making it go away. Lately though I also have pain in the bone that is in the middle of my chest. Could it be connected to the pain in my back?


It sounds like you have had a difficult several months. In order to figure out if your new symptoms are related to the back pain you have been experiencing, the best thing to do is talk with your doctor. He or she will know the details of your back complaints and whether or not it makes sense for the same underlying process to also be causing pain in the front of the chest. In addition, your doctor will know the rest of your health history which is very important in considering other things that could be causing your chest pain, including whether or not you have risk factors for cardiovascular disease. He or she will definitely want to talk with you more about this new pain: when did you notice it; is it similar to your back pain; have you noticed anything that makes it better or worse; have you had any other symptoms such as shortness or breath or radiation to anywhere else in your body? A physical exam--like what you have been doing with your back pain--will also be very important. Your doctor will probably also want to do an EKG, just to make sure that there is no indication your heart is involved with this. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon and both your back and chest pain will resolve.

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