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"Will an ankle sprain continue to give me pain the rest of my life?"

ZocdocAnswersWill an ankle sprain continue to give me pain the rest of my life?


Sprained my ankle and never went to the doctor for it because my dad said it would heal just fine on its own. I think it did but now I'm scared I didn't have it treated. If you don't get a sprain treated could it give you pain the rest of your life and be weak too?


If you no longer have any pain or swelling in the ankle then that is a good sign that it has probably healed up. Even so, this is a great question to discuss with your primary care doctor. Once you sprain your ankle, you are predisposed to sprain it again, as the ligaments do tend to stay a bit looser and less strong after each successive sprain. What this means, for starters, is that you must exercise a lot of care when engaging in any vigorous sports, taking care not to sprain your ankle again. Also it means that if you do sprain your ankle again you should definitely go see your doctor right away and not stay home without seeking help. Your primary care doctor can examine the ankle and determine the severity of the sprain and help you decide what treatment might be necessary and when you might be able to resume physical activity. Again, please mention the sprain to your primary care doctor. They can take a look at the ankle at that time and check for any residual problems.

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