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"Why do I have unexplained groin pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have unexplained groin pain?


I have pain in my groin on the right side. I know I didn't injure it but it is sore and hurts to stretch it out. The pain sort of comes and goes but it always seems to be there a little bit. Any explanation?


Groin pain can reflect many different underlying conditions. First, there are many muscles involved in the stabilization and function of the hip joint. It is not at all unusual for one or more of those muscles to be pulled or strained, and this often manifests as groin pain. If you have been participating in any new activities lately, this may be causing your symptoms. The fact that stretching the area seems to increase the pain does suggest that this may be musculoskeletal issue. However, groin pain can also reflect an underlying issue with an internal organ. Kidney stones can refer to the groin, and the 'coming and going' nature of the pain can be consistent with small stones being intermittently passed. In addition, inguinal hernias are fairly common, particularly in men, and they can also present with groin pain. Overall, determining what is causing your symptoms is best handled by talking with your primary care physician. He or she can go over your health history (have you had kidney stones before, for example), as well as discuss your current symptoms in more detail (when did they start, any other associated complaints?). A physical exam will also be very helpful in suggesting what may or may not be causing this.

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