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"Did having the flu cause the rash on my buttocks?"

ZocdocAnswersDid having the flu cause the rash on my buttocks?


I had the flu and probably am still dealing with a little bit. Now I'm getting this itchy rash on my buttocks. Could it be from the flu virus? Can that give you a rash?


In general, the flu does not typically lead to a rash. However, there are some viruses that can cause upper respiratory symptoms as well as a rash. If you had a virus that was not the exact flu, this may partially explain your symptoms. In addition, the sudden appearance of a rash can be suspicious for a drug rash, i.e. an allergic reaction to a medication you may have recently started taking. If you were treated with anything for your infection or for symptomatic control, this could also explain your symptoms. Finally, these skin changes could be a reflection of a completely independent process that is not related to your recent flu. Overall, the best thing for you to do is go back to your physician for a history and exam. Your doctor will want to talk to you about when the rash started and any associated symptoms. It will also be important to determine exactly what new products you may have been exposed to recently, from medications to things like laundry detergent. Finally, as with any rash, one of the key steps in diagnosis is examination. Often visual inspection can greatly aid in determining what kind of rash you have. And, your doctor should also be able to prescribe some anti-itch creams!

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