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"Is this an early warning sign of asthma?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this an early warning sign of asthma?


Never really exercised much but I started to about a month ago. I run everyday now. But sometimes after my run I have all kinds of trouble getting my breath back and have to sit down and take really deep breaths. Is this an early warning sign that I could have asthma?


This shortness of breath could be caused by many things, and is one of the reasons that doctors advise speaking to your doctor before beginning any serious exercise regime. While it is to be applauded that you are one of the (very) few Americans who exercises on a regular basis, making sure that you don't have any serious medical conditions putting you at risk is always a safe bet. As you have been running for a month now without issues, it is unlikely that continuing this will put you at any increased risk, but you should see your doctor and describe your symptoms. Depending on the level of exertion that you are exercising at, some level of what you are describing may be related to the years of deconditioning that preceded this current bout of exercise fever. It would be expected that your symptoms would decrease over time as your body gets used to the exercise. In general, standing will help you to recover your breath faster, as it allows your lungs to expand optimally. Please speak to your doctor and describe your symptoms fully to determine if further testing is necessary. Asthma is one possible explanation, but not definitively the cause of your symptoms.

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