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"Is there a way to prevent nose bleeds?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a way to prevent nose bleeds?


Started getting nose bleeds two or three times a month this year. Any way I can prevent them from happening? No pain or anything but they are getting to be annoying and I'm ruining clothing.


Yes! The keys to preventing nose bleeds is reducing trauma and increasing moisture/hydration. Reducing trauma goes beyond the obvious not letting your nose get hit by a baseball bat, but includes sticking things, like fingers, up your nose. Even the most mild digitalization (that is what doctors call nose-picking) can lead to epistaxis (which is what doctors call nose bleeds). By avoiding this completely, even when your nose has not bled for some time, your chances of not having another event are much improved. Second, hydration. Think of your nose like the rest of your skin, and the bleed being a sign that a scab has come free. If you keep the area of bleeding constantly moist, with either hand creams, nasal saline rinses, Ponaris drops, or all of the above, when that scab comes off (if a scab even forms), the surrounding tissue will not be traumatized and the bleeding should decrease. Using a humidifier in your room at night is another great way to add moisture to the air, and often helps. If you are on anti-coagulation (i.e., blood thinners), prevention of nose bleeds is even more important and difficult. Please speak to your doctor.

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