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"Should I exercise in the morning or in the evening?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I exercise in the morning or in the evening?


When should I do my exercises? It is like cardio stuff. Is it better for my heart to do them in the morning when I wake up or to do them at night when I get home from work? Just want to do what is best for my body!


Just the fact that you are exercising is excellent! Cardiovascular disease and all of the problems that come with it are so common, and can broadly be prevented with healthy habits, including diet and exercise choices that lead to a healthy weight. The optimal timing of your workout depends more on what is good for you and your schedule than anything else. If you find that exercising in the evening makes you have trouble falling asleep or causes you to stay awake later, then it may be advisable that you work out in the morning. If you find that you are missing more exercise by sleeping in during your morning portion of allotted time, then you should exercise in the evening. While there may be some minimal variation in the way that your body processes energy, this is such a subtle difference that it would be difficult to quantify and definitively tell any one person whether the morning or the evening is better. Instead, just remember to keep exercising regularly and eating healthy, and do all of this at the time and on the schedule that is most conducive to making your good habits continue. Please speak to your doctor for more information.

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