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"What is recovery like after removing a schwannoma near my right clavicle bone?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is recovery like after removing a schwannoma near my right clavicle bone?


schwannoma was near my right clavicle bone and they orignally thought it was an enlarged lymph node, however biopsy came back as a long is recovery and what can i expect?


I am glad to hear that the biopsy results on the lymph node do not show a lymphoma or other serious cancer! A schwannoma, as you probably know by now, is a benign tumor of cells that grow around nerves, called schwann cells. Most of the time these tumors are incidental and do not cause any serious symptoms. If they are large, they may begin to press on the nerve that they are next to, which could cause symptoms of nerve compression like shooting pains or numbness and tingling. If you did not have any of these nerve type symptoms prior to your procedure, then it is unlikely that you will develop them now that the surgery is over. However, if you do develop them, you should let your doctor know right away, as they may be signs that the schwannoma is growing back (in a small percentage of cases, the tumor is not completely removed during the first procedure and can grow back). Otherwise, you can follow up routinely with which ever surgeon performed the procedure for you. They can give you more detailed expectations about recovery time, but I suspect that you will make a full recovery very quickly!

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