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"What is ligamentous laxity?"


On my MRI need to interpret this report please?


You will need to go see the doctor who ordered the MRI in the first place. They are the only ones who will be able to interpret these results for you accurately, since they know your whole situation and the symptoms that you are experiencing. The most common joints in the body that have ligamentous laxity from time to time are the joints of the legs and feet - knees, ankles, and foot bones.

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Assuming that you had an MRI of one of these parts of your body, then ligamentous laxity might be a sign of a form ligamentous injury, typically from a sports injury. Ligamentous laxity can also be hereditary in some families and could in that setting be a sign of a connective tissue disorder. Regardless, please go see the doctor who ordered the MRI. They will be able to common on the MRI findings and what they mean in terms of pursuing additional tests or treatments for your symptoms.

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