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"What could cause one side of my head to feel bigger than the other?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause one side of my head to feel bigger than the other?


The left side of the back of the bottom of my head is bigger than the other. I asked my friend to feel it and she agrees it feels bigger. I get random headaches everyday that either go away after a few minutes or last a while. They're not really bad headaches but before this happened it was extremely rare when I got headache and now they occur daily. I get dizzy at times and have felt less energy than I used to. Also, there are time when I can feel my heart rate thumping in my chest but it feels unusually slow and it is a really strong thumping. Any idea of what might be wrong?


It sounds like you have quite a few issues going on at the same time. I cannot be certain if they are all related, or if some of them are separate unrelated issues. One side of the bottom of the back of your head being larger suggests to me that you may be having a muscle spasm. Spasms in these muscles can cause pain that results in a type of headache known as a tension headache. These headaches usually start on the back of the head and can move around towards the front of the head often on both sides. Overall it sounds like you may be under a lot of stress. An increase in stress can cause many symptoms such as headaches, palpitations (the feeling of your heart thumping in your chest), and dizziness. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take the time to listen carefully to your symptoms and see if there is an obvious connection between them. Your doctor can examine the back of your head and see if a muscle spasm could be the cause of this sensation and your headaches. If your doctor is worried about your palpitations, then he or she may get an electrocardiogram to make sure there are not obvious heart rhythm problems. Good luck.

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