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"Why are my breast sore if it is not time for my cycle?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my breast sore if it is not time for my cycle?


the tenderness, heavyness and soreness usually come a few days before my cycle is to start, why am I feeling this now?


The sensation you are describing is your body's reaction to the hormones estrogen and progesterone (more so estrogen). Women generally describe these sensations a few days before their period (when estrogen levels are the highest). The sensation goes away right at the time of your period because estrogen levels at that time are at their lowest. Estrogen levels also rise to a lesser extent towards the middle of the month just prior to ovulation. It is possible that this is what you are experiencing right now. You may just never noticed it before. Some women feel this way mid month prior to ovulation, then it goes away only to return at the end of the month. If you have recently started a hormonal birth control method such as the pill, the patch, the ring, the shot, or the implant, then this sensation could be because of this. Either way, you can certainly discuss this issue with your primary care physician at your next visit. You should schedule an appointment sooner if you develop any other concerning symptoms, or if your breast symptoms do not go away. Finally, if there is any chance that you could be pregnant, you definitely should go to your doctor for a pregnancy test.

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