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"How do people usually prepare for surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do people usually prepare for surgery?


I have some surgery scheduled in one week. I have to go under. They said don't eat 24 hrs before. Anything else I should do to prepare? Like get a lot of sleep or something? Just want to make sure the surgery goes okay.


The answer to your question depends somewhat on what type of surgery you are having. Most surgeons and surgical teams are good about giving detailed instructions on what to do and not to do in the day(s) prior to a surgery. The universal instruction is to not eat or drink at least after midnight the day before the surgery. The purpose of this instruction is to prevent you from vomiting any stomach contents up during the anesthesia induction process. Vomiting during this process when you are not very awake can result in aspiration of your stomach contents. This can result in lung injury or severe pneumonia. As far as your sleep is concerned, I don't think it matters much how much sleep you get prior to any surgery. This is because you will be sleeping plenty the day of your surgery. Other good advise would be to avoid anyone that you know is sick. You don't want to be coming down with a new illness when you are trying to recover from your surgery. The best thing you can do to make sure that you optimize your surgical outcome is to schedule an appointment with your surgeon prior to the operation to discuss pre-operative instructions. I hope your operation goes well.

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