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"What happened to me when I fainted?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happened to me when I fainted?


I fainted a few days ago and that has happened to me before. But this time afterward I have this foggy feeling in my head. Kind of like being light-headed but sort of confused too. My friend said I was shaking when I came too after the fainting. Does that have something to do with it?


There are a couple of possible causes of your fainting episode. The episode you are describing most fits with a vaso-vagal syncope (a type of fainting episode). In a vaso-vagal episode, some trigger (often an emotional trigger or a situation that is very uncomfortable) triggers a nerve reaction which causes your blood vessels to suddenly dilate and allow blood to fall from your head down towards your feet. This causes a sudden, but temporary lack of blood flow to your brain. This causes you to pass out and fell lightheaded and possibly somewhat confused. Muscle shaking around the time of the event is also common. They often happen to people more than once. Another much less likely possibility is that you had a seizure. Generalized seizures can cause you to lose consciousness and can also cause body shaking. When someone comes out of a seizure, they are often very confused. Losing urine is another common finding. If you did not lose any urine during this episode, a seizure is less likely. You may have to see a specialist for this problem an you may not. The best doctor to sore this out for you is your primary care doctor. He or she can perform the necessary examination to determine the cause of your fainting episode.

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