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"Is this normal pain after an ACL surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this normal pain after an ACL surgery?


I had ACL reconstruction surgery. I thought I was doing alright a week later but now I'm having a strange feeling like all of this blood is rushing to my knee and it throbs. Is that pretty normal for a while after the surgery or is there some kind of a complication developing?


It is difficult to tell from your question if this is a problem that is abnormal or not. If it has been a week since your surgery, these symptoms you are having are probably the normal healing process. The process of placing the new tendon in the ACL's position requires quite a bit of healing after the operation. The healing process results in an increase in blood flow to the area. This will cause pain and the sensation that the knee is throbbing. If you are much further out from your surgery (such as more than a month), then these sensation are probably not normal. If you are having severe tenderness of the knee, if the knee is swelling, or if you feel your knee is no longer stable, these are symptoms that something is likely wrong. Any time you feel that something is wrong with a joint that has been operated on, you should schedule an appointment with the surgeon that performed the operation (in this case your orthopedic surgeon). He or she will examine your knee closely. If there is any concern that the ACL tendon is not taking, or if there is concern that you are developing increased fluid in your knee, you may need an MRI to see what is going on. Please see your doctor soon.

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