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"How do you know if it is okay to drink alcohol with medication?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you know if it is okay to drink alcohol with medication?


Is it bad to drink alcohol if you are taking any kind of medication? I just started taking this pill to help with my breathing an asthma pill but I don't have asthma. Is it okay to drink while I am taking it?


Your question actually raises several different questions, all of which I think need to be clarified right away. I would suggest that you talk to your primary care doctor for help with this issue, or to the doctor who prescribed this new medication if it was not your primary care doctor. First of all, and unrelated to the issue of drinking alcohol, it is important to clarify why you are taking an 'asthma pill' if you do not have asthma. I would suggest that you just be honest with your primary care doctor about this issue and ask that they clarify exactly what it is that they have diagnosed you with and what the medication is supposed to do. At that same meeting, you can also ask if there are any side effects or interactions of the new medication that you need to know about. This would include whether or not it is safe to drink alcohol while you are taking this medication. Although I personally do not know of any obvious restriction on most asthma medications and alcohol, I cannot comment specifically as I am not sure what medication you are taking exactly. Start by clarifying with your doctor!

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