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"How do you cure jock itch?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you cure jock itch?


I have had it for a week a think. How do you make it go away so it doesn't spread? Just some over the counter creaM?


Jock itch is an infection of the skin of the groin by a common fungus. The condition is not serious, but it is very uncomfortable. The fungus causes extreme itching of the skin of the groin, together with redness, scaling or flaking and, sometimes, a bad odor. The first step in dealing with jock itch is to try to prevent its spread. Spread of jock itch occurs mostly from contact. Therefore, avoiding scratching the area, changing and laundering your undergarments frequently, and washing your hands regularly are all important steps. In addition to this, simple cases of jock itch can generally be treated with an over the counter anti fungal cream although more severe cases might require prescription medications. I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor about this issue. They can examine the affected area of skin and confirm that this is indeed jock itch (as opposed to another skin condition for which the treatment would be totally different). If they confirm the diagnosis, they can also make a recommendation about which topical medication you should use, whether that be an over the counter or prescription medication. See your doctor as soon as you can for help!

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