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"Why am I getting random fevers?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I getting random fevers?


I'm not sick and this has been happening for a year. Doctor thought I was just sick at first but it keeps happening. Why do I get fevers randomly if I am not sick? Am I maybe just feeling hot and it is not really a fever?


First of all, your question already contains the answer to the most important first step forward. You have first to document your temperature while you are feeling hot, which you can do with a simple drug store thermometer. This is critical, because if you 'feel hot' but do not have an actual elevation in your temperature, then this is not a fever, and the list of potential medical causes is much different then if you do have a real temperature elevation. Once you have performed this simple home data collection step, you should be able to schedule another appointment with your primary care doctor to address the issue again. In the absence of fever, there are several potential causes of feeling warm. In women, one very common cause is 'hot flashes" which usually start to occur in middle age and represent the beginnings of menopause. In both men and women, another cause would be hyperthyroidism, caused by over activity of the thyroid gland. If, on the other hand, you do have a documented fever, then the list of causes is numerous, and includes various infections, as well as rheumatologic (joint) conditions and cancer. In either case, your doctor will want to perform a thorough examination and some basic bloodwork to get started. Please discuss with him or her soon!

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