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"How do you get rid of high blood pressure?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you get rid of high blood pressure?


My mom has high blood pressure. Super worried. How can she make it go away? Do people with high blood pressure ever go back to having normal blood pressure?


High blood pressure is one of the most common medical problems in the world. Generally speaking, high blood pressure develops in middle aged or elderly people, often due to genetic and hereditary factors, as well as overall aging of the heart and blood vessels. In most cases of 'essential' hypertension (which means high blood pressure that develops from aging and genetics without any other underlying medical cause), once the condition is diagnosed it is lifelong and does not go away. This is not to say that high blood pressure cannot be treated. In fact, it can be treated, very effectively, and it should be treated to prevent long term complications such as heart disease or stroke. There are many different effective treatments for high blood pressure. In mild cases, weight loss, dietary changes, and exercise might be enough to lower the blood pressure. However, most cases of high blood pressure end up requiring the taking of a daily blood pressure lowering medication. Your mother should set up a visit with her primary care doctor to discuss her high blood pressure. They can talk with her about her different treatment options, including the various medications that might be options in her case.

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