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"Is it bad for your body if you sweat too much?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it bad for your body if you sweat too much?


I don't sweat normally, but when I do things that make you sweat like exercise I think I sweat way more than most other people. Is this bad? Or do some people just sweat more than other people?


The amount of sweat that a given person produces in response to physical exercise or overheating is strongly determined by that person's genetics. In other words, there are some people who sweat more than others, and this generally does not mean that there is anything wrong with them. There are some medical disorders of sweating, but these tend to involve sweating inappropriately. For example, people who sweat excessively on the palms, feet, or armpits even when not exercising may suffer from something called hyperhidrosis, which often does require treatment because of the social embarrassment of sweating in inappropriate settings. Similarly, people who feel flushed and hot all the time may be dealing with an over active thyroid gland. Alternatively, in women, this may be a sign of 'hot flashes' which are often associated with the start of menopause. I recommend that you mention the issue to your primary care doctor. They can give you a thorough check up and make sure nothing is going on!

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