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"Can I treat my cyst without surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I treat my cyst without surgery?


I have a cyst on my leg that is near a testicle. Do I have to have surgery to fix it? I don't want to have any kind of surgery that is that close to my penis and my testicle.


It is not entirely clear to me where the cyst is, although it sounds like it might be on your thigh. If this is the case, then surgery to remove the cyst would not involve any risk whatsoever to your genitals. These areas of the body (the thigh and the genitals) are supplied by completely different blood supplies, so there is no chance that operating on a cyst in your thigh could affect the supply of blood to your genitals. That being said, most of the time cysts under the skin are benign, meaning the are not cancerous and, therefore, do not need to be removed. Most of the time cysts are removed because of preference and not because of necessity. So, if you are very reluctant to have the procedure, then it is probably safe for you to wait a while. You should definitely talk with your primary care doctor in some more detail about this issue. For example, if they feel that it is important to remove the cyst, for whatever reason, then you should probably follow their advice. They can also answer any more questions you might have about the surgery to make sure that your concerns are addressed.

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