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"Why do I keep getting a warm sensation in my right arm?"


My right arm keeps getting warm randomly. It is like there is a heating pad on it. I'm a 28 year old man with no other health issues. It is like warm liquid is running through my arm and it is almost the entire arm all the way up to my hand. Suggestions?


This is a strange symptom, and I am not sure exactly what to make of it. I would therefore suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor, especially if the symptoms are persistent or worsen. Some potential causes of a warm sensation randomly in the arm, running from the hand up to the shoulder, would include trouble with a nerve in the neck or running down into the arm.

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Generally speaking, when a nerve becomes pinched or inflamed, the symptoms will include numbness, tingling, or shooting electrical pain running up and down the arm. However, it is possible to have other, less common, manifestations, such as, perhaps, the warm sensation you are describing. It might also be possible to have a periodic warm sensation in the arm after vigorous activity, say from increased blood flow to the muscles after weight lifting. If you notice that the sensation is in any way associated with exercise that might be a possibility. Finally, a pulled muscle in the arm would generally cause stiffness or pain. However, in a mild case, this might be perceived as a warm sensation. Make an appointment for an evaluation by your primary care doctor at your convenience!

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