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"What happened to my vision today?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat happened to my vision today?


I'm 18 years old and today at school when i was trying to read a book I got this weird like cloud of light where I was looking and pretty soon it was my whole vision and then I felt dizzy. What happened?


Any acute changes in your vision are something that should be addressed with a health care provider in person. Most often, a complete eye examination is necessary to make sure that there is nothing serious going on. There are many important additional questions that need to be answered due to the fact that it could either be something serious, or, more likely, something that is normal. Depending on the other medical conditions that you have, your vision history, and your family history, your brief symptoms could take on an entirely different meaning. Because of the huge variability in the possible explanations of your symptoms (spanning everything from headaches to things that are much more serious and could be vision or even life threatening), it is important to speak with a doctor soon about your symptoms, especially if you have never had them before (or alternatively, if you are having them more frequently. In the context of things that are potentially very severe, it is important to actually speak with a doctor in person rather than just obtain information via the internet. Please speak to your doctor or an opthalmologist as soon as possible.

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