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"What is this lump in the middle of my chest?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this lump in the middle of my chest?


I am male and have a lump in my chest. It is right in the center of my chest. It looks like a pimple on the top but then it feels like it is bigger under the skin. I also feel like it is getting bigger over the last month or so. Is this a cyst? What is it?


Since this lump under your skin is getting bigger and not going away, I would definitely recommend that you go to see a doctor about it. Your primary care doctor would be a good place to start. It does sound like a cyst is a likely possibility here. Cysts are benign (meaning non cancerous) growths that can occur under the skin in basically any location on the body. Sometimes certain types of cysts, especially sebaceous cysts, can have pimple - like openings to the surface of the skin that occasionally discharge a thick white material. Cysts that are small, not painful, and not growing rapidly generally don't require any specific treatment. However, once the cyst becomes large enough to be bothersome, then it is possible to have it removed surgically. Surgical removal of a cyst is a simple procedure, one which can usually be accomplished in your doctor's office with some local numbing medications and just a few minutes of laying still. Your primary care doctor will be able to examine the area and help determine whether or not this is in fact a cyst. If it is, they can also help you decide about potential surgical removal.

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