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"Any cure for cellulite that is available?"

ZocdocAnswersAny cure for cellulite that is available?


I need a cure for cellulite! I'm getting older and have noticed it on my rear end and it is starting to get noticeable. I need to get rid of it for when anyone could be able to see it. What should I do?


Cellulite is a very common condition, which occurs when pockets of fat, typically on the buttocks and thighs, bulge out in an uneven, dimpled pattern. This is not actually a medical condition, rather it is the natural and benign outcome of putting on some weight (very common as we age!) and how the bands of connective tissue under our skin press on those new fat deposits, creating the uneven appearance. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for cellulite. Plastic surgery techniques like liposuction are often thought to provide some relief but, in fact they do not. Many people who have liposuction for cellulite will find that the condition may actually appear worse after the procedure. Similarly, the many 'smoothing creams' that you can buy for treating cellulite do not have any permanent effect on the condition. Rather, what they do is irritate the skin leading to some swelling of the tissue, which will smooth out the cellulite a bit. However, after a few days the swelling will go down and the cellulite will reappear. "Laser treatments" and other light treatments work by a similar mechanism, temporarily causing swelling of the tissue. Please do talk to your dermatologist or primary care doctor for additional information about this issue!

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