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"Should I stop wearing makeup?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I stop wearing makeup?


If I started wearing makeup a lot for the first time this year and now my skin is really oily should I stop wearing makeup? Or is there something I can do that would make my skin less oily and then still be able to wear makeup?


There are a few different possibilities here. One is that the oiliness of your skin is not related to your makeup use. If you are still young (I can't tell from your question) then your skin might still be changing, and the result could be that the oil glands have become more active. Generally speaking oily glands on the face can be controlled with gentle facial washing once or twice a day. One major error that people make is to wash their face too often or use harsh soaps or astringents, all of which dry out the skin and, as a result, stimulate the oil glands and lead to a paradoxical increase in oiliness! On the other had, the oiliness could be related to your makeup, especially if you notice that there is make up residue on your face, even at night after removing it all. In this case, it is likely that you are using some makeup products with an oil based and if you switch to water based makeup products this problem should resolve. In any case, I recommend that you speak about this issue with your primary care doctor or dermatologist, to make sure there are not more serious problems.

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