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"How do you fix your eye if you think that it is scratched?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you fix your eye if you think that it is scratched?


I think I scrached my eyeball! This tree branch got smacked into my face and now my eye hurts and it itches and it is watery. I think it is scrached. But what do I do about that? Eye doctor?


From the description of your injury, it does sound like you could indeed have scratched your cornea, the outer surface of the eyeball. Corneal abrasions are common injuries after some sort of trauma to the face/eye, and symptoms include pain in the eye, tearing of the eye, redness, and the sensation of something "gritty" or "stuck" in the eye. Corneal abrasions typically do not cause significant changes in vision. However, it is also possible that you have sustained a more serious injury to the eye or could be developing an infection, particularly since you were hit in the eye with a tree branch. The best thing for you to do now is make sure you have a prompt examination of your eye. Testing for a corneal abrasion can be done in the emergency department, and if abnormalities are noted, an eye specialist can be called to come see you. However, the same testing can also be done in a clinic visit with an ophthalmologist. If you can get an appointment with an eye specialist right away that is fine, but if you can't get a prompt appointment, the best thing to do is go the emergency department to expedite the exam. Hopefully your eye will be feeling better soon, and you won't have any further run-ins with tree branches.

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