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"Why do I sweat at night?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I sweat at night?


I have been having this thing where I sweat at night? Is that something to be worried about? I don't have any problems with sweating during the day but it always comes on me at night.


Night sweats can be a sign of something serious, or they can be nothing at all. The first thing I do when a patient of mine reports night sweats is figure out how bad these sweats really are. For example, if you are having night sweats that require you to change your clothes, your sheets, or both, then these likely have a cause that needs to be investigated. If you wake up and you can feel your forehead or armpits are wet with sweat, this can have other causes. With regards to the more minor sweating, issues such as menopause hot flashes (if this even pertains to you), a fever, or the room just being too hot are all causes of these types of sweats. The drenching night sweats described first can be caused by more serious diseases. The first condition I look into when someone reports night sweats is cancer. Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer can cause these types of sweats. If you do a lot of traveling abroad, then I would probably test you for tuberculosis. Finally, I would definitely test you for HIV as this can be a cause of night sweats. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to work out the causes of your night sweats.

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