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"What does it mean if a mole is blue in color?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if a mole is blue in color?


There is a mole on my neck that has been blue for a while. Why is it blue? Does it mean I have skin cancer? What causes a mole to become blue in color?


The pigment of moles (or nevi, as they are known to doctors) can be blue, white, red, black or brown, depending on that particular mole. A blue nevus is not an uncommon finding. The important thing to remember is the ABCDEs of moles. Asymmetry is the first clue that you need to worry, differences from one side to the other can be concerning. Border irregularity is the next key. Color changes, or multiple colors within a mole can also be a bad sign. Diameter more than the head of a pencil eraser is another finding that would indicate that the mole should be examined. Evolution or Erythema (redness) of the mole or surrounding area is the last letter in the mnemonic, and suggests that this may be more than a common mole. If you have any of these, or the mole itches or bleeds, you need to see a dermatologist. Moles are very common and difficult to determine whether or not they are skin cancer, but they are easily biopsied or followed with regular examination. Please speak to your doctor or a dermatologist soon to evaluate the mole more fully and determine if there is a need to be concerned or to obtain a biopsy.

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