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"Is there any way to prevent insect bites?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to prevent insect bites?


I always wake up with a bunch of insect bites on my arms and legs and if I am outside I get bit by mosquitoes a lot too. Any way to prevent this or stop it from happening? Should I just buy bug spray from the store or try something else?


It would be interesting to know exactly what environment you are sleeping in that is causing you to get so many bug bites! Assuming that you are sleeping indoors in your home, then the fact that you are waking up with red, itchy bumps is concerning for potentially an infestation of your mattress with bed bugs, which as you may know are becoming an increasing problem in many places in the United States. Alternatively, waking up with red bumps like this on the skin might be a sign of an allergy. For example, allergies to mold and mites, which are both common in the bed room, can lead to these types of symptoms. I would recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor about this issue. They can take a look at the red bumps you are finding and help you figure out what exactly they might be. In addition to helping you discover the source, they can also recommend some medications to help with the symptoms of redness and itching. Since the bites are most occurring inside, identifying the source is very important, and your doctor can help you with this process. Good luck!

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