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"Is it okay to drink alcohol while on Accutane?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it okay to drink alcohol while on Accutane?


I'm taking Accutane. Is it safe to drink alcohol while I am taking it? I don't remember if it is okay or not.


Accutane, as you know, is a very strong medication that is typically used to treat severe acne. This medication has many potential side effects, and therefore its use is typically closely monitored by your dermatologist. While taking Accutane, it is important not to drink alcohol, or to only drink alcohol in extreme moderation. This is because Accutane can potentially have some side effects related to liver toxicity, and combining it with alcohol could make you at greater risk of these toxic side effects. Also, the combination of Accutane and alcohol can cause major alterations in the levels of some of the lipids in your blood. I suggest that you discuss this issue with the dermatologist who is prescribing your Accutane. Based on your medical history and risk profile, they can make a definitive recommendation about whether or not you need to avoid alcohol completely. For example, if you have any evidence of baseline trouble with your liver, then it will definitely be recommended not to drink any alcohol ever. Similarly, if you are also taking other medications with potential liver toxicities, this is important to consider. Your personal dermatologist is the one who knows your case best and is in the best position to answer your questions. Please see him or her soon!

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