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"Why do my muscles keep twitching?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my muscles keep twitching?


For about a year I have had muscle twitching. It happens randomly and all over my body and it is starting to become a big problem for me. Doctors have run all kinds of tests and they say that everything keeps coming back normal. So what is going on?


Most of the time, muscle twitching that is occasional and not persistent is not a big medical problem, as it is usually brought out by fatigue or stress, or it may be associated with too much caffeine intake or another drug side effect. However, if basic tests have already been run and have all come back normal, and yet the twitching is really interfering with your life, then it is probably time to see a specialist for more specific testing. You may want to start by seeing a neurologist, and if you do not know one you can ask your primary care doctor for a referral. There are a number of serious neuromuscular conditions that can cause persistent muscle twitching. Most of the time, these are associated with obvious weakness in the muscles or other neurological symptoms. Therefore, the first thing that the neurologist will likely do is perform a careful examination of your neurological system and your muscle strength. Based on what they find, they may decide that you need additional testing as well, which could include nerve conduction studies and an electromyogram. Start by making an appointment with a neurologist for a consultation at your earliest convenience, and good luck!

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