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"What is this red spot on my toe?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this red spot on my toe?


I have a red spot on the skin on my big toe on the right hand side. It is not a bump or lump and it doesn't hurt, but it is very unusual. What is it? Should I be worried if there is no pain or itching and it is just a spot of red skin?


The good news is that isolated red spots of skin are rarely a sign of anything serious, especially if they are not accompanied by pain, itching, or any other symptoms. However, if the area of redness persists, you could always go see your primary care doctor, who could take a look at the area and reassure you! The most likely cause of a red spot on the side of your big toe is simply a pressure point on the skin from your shoes. When shoes are too tight or poorly fitting, this can lead to friction of the skin over bony prominences in the feet, and the result can be areas of red skin. If you think this is potentially what might be going on, you could try revising your footwear to see if the spot goes away. Although the good news is that things are otherwise asymptomatic at this time, poorly fitting shoes can, over time, cause more persistent problems, such as large calluses or corns, all of which could easily develop in the same area of skin where you currently just have a red spot. Please discuss this issue at greater length with your primary care doctor, who can give you more specific information!

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