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"Can I use a cream prescribed for use on my hands on other parts of my body?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I use a cream prescribed for use on my hands on other parts of my body?


the doctor gave me a cream for my hands and arms because they are sooo dry. but now my face is dry too. is it okay to use the hand and arm cream on my face or is this a bad idea?


I would not use this cream on your face without talking with your doctor. I recommend that you talk directly with the doctor who prescribed the cream for you (presumably either your dermatologist or primary care doctor). It is important to ask prior to using the cream on your face because I am not sure what type of cream this is exactly. Often, severe dry skin is a symptom of eczema, and eczema is treated often with topical steroid creams. However, the topical steroid creams that are used on the body are too strong to use on the face, where they can cause thinning of and damage to the delicate facial skin. If you do have eczema, and if it is affecting the skin of your face, then your doctor will be able to give you a different, less potent, cream that will be safe to use on your face. Alternatively, if the cream your doctor gave you is just a skin moisturizer, then it should be use on your face - but check with them first to be sure! Subsequently, your doctor can also follow up with you to make sure that the skin dryness is improving over time. Good luck!

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