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"is there a way to know if a concussion caused permanent damage?"

ZocdocAnswersis there a way to know if a concussion caused permanent damage?


I had a concussion when I fell off of a small chair that I was standing on last week. Everything seems normal now, but could I have done something permanent to my head after the concussion has gone away. I just don't feel quite right still. Like just a funny feeling in my whole body.


I am sorry to hear that you took such a fall, but I am glad to hear that the concussion seems to have been fairly minor and that you are on your way to a recovery. Any concussion does need, however, to be followed up very closely, either by your primary care doctor or a neurologist. It is sometimes difficult to know how quickly the concussion symptoms will resolve. Common symptoms after a concussion can include headache, mood problems, sleep disturbances, and trouble with concentration or with memory. The "not quite right" feeling that you are describing could also be a resolving symptoms. Some people with more significant concussions will have symptoms for weeks to months after the head injury. The fact that your concussion seems to have been quite minor is very encouraging, as is the fact that most of your symptoms seems to have resolved. These all suggest that the chance that you had any permanent damage from your concussion is quite minimal. However, there is no good way to tell for sure, other than to wait and see. Your doctor can follow you closely over the coming months to make sure that you make a full recovery.

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