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"What made my ear congested?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat made my ear congested?


yesterday I was just standing in the kitchen pouring some juice and then my ear got clogged up and it felt like I couldn't hear as well out of my left ear. Then I heard a ringing sound and it is still there the next day. What is this? What made my ear congested or stuffy?


The most likely thing that you are experiencing is some eustachian tube dysfunction, which is a very common but generally not serious medical problem. The eustachian tubes are small tubes that connect the back of the throat up to the middle ear, behind the ear drum. These tubes function to equalize the pressure between the outside environment and the ear, and they also drain fluid from the ear. Sometimes the eustachian tubes can become inflamed, leading to a build up of pressure or fluid inside of the ear. The most common reasons for this to occur include a common cold or other throat infection. Allergies or sinus congestion can also sometimes do this. Most of the time, the eustachian tubes will open up again in a day or two and there is no need to pursue specific treatment. If you have this problem now, please see your primary care doctor, who can confirm the diagnosis of eustachian tube dysfunction, while at the same time ruling out other potentially more serious causes of your symptoms, such as an ear infection. If the symptoms are severe, there are some medications, including nasal decongestants, which your doctor might prescribe to help relieve the pressure.

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