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"Is my ankle broken?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my ankle broken?


I took a softball off the ankle two days ago. It hurts when I touch it and it is a little swollen but it doesn't hurt when I walk around or move. Could it still be broken? It hit right on the outside part that looks like a ball?


I would recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor about this issue. There are several potential forms of injury that you could have sustained to the ankle. They can examine your ankle closely and help figure out what you need to do. Based on the mechanism of injury (being struck in the ankle with a ball), the most likely injury here is that you simple suffered from a contusion or bruise of the ankle. This would cause some pain and swelling, as you are describing. A more serious ankle injury would be a sprain. This involves stretching or damage to the ligaments in the ankle. It sounds like you probably don't have a sprain, as this typically does cause some pain with walking, which you do not have. However, you could have sustained a minor sprain. Finally, you have suffered a fracture. Again, this seems unlikely given how minor your symptoms are. However, sometimes a small fracture might cause minimal symptoms. Your doctor can determine whether or not you need x-rays or additional workup. They can also give you some recommendations on which medications to take to reduce the pain and the inflammation in the ankle.

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