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"Could this still be a bruise even though it doesn't hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersCould this still be a bruise even though it doesn't hurt?


There is a patch of skin on my thigh that is the color of a bruise but there is no pain involved. It doesn't hurt when I touch it and the skin is normal other than the color being purple and bluish. What could this be?


It certainly does sound like this patch of discolored skin could be a bruise. A bruise occurs when blood vessels under the skin burst (usually from some trauma, such as banging the area on a hard object), which allows blood to leak out into the tissue under the skin. At a first, a bruise will appear bright red or purple. However, as the bruise heals, it tends to fade and change colors, moving to a more yellowish or brownish appearance before disappearing completely. It is also very common to accidentally sustain a bruise without remembering it. Therefore, 'finding' a bruise is common. If the bruise is small or has been present for a few days, it probably will not hurt either. If you observe it closely, if it is in fact a bruise, then it will change color and begin to fade over the next few days. To be safe, you should make an appointment with your primary care doctor, who can look at the area and confirm that it is a bruise. In general, your primary care doctor is a great resource for answering any basic or general health questions like this one.

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