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"What does a new mole mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does a new mole mean?


I have two new moles on the top of my left foot. Never seen them before. They are a little smaller than my other moles on the other parts of my body but definitely were not there before. What does it mean if you get a new mole? Is it dangerous?


Moles, as you probably know, are small collections of pigmented cells known as melanocytes underneath the skin. Most of the time, moles are benign however they do occasionally transform into a serious form of skin cancer known as melanoma. For this reason, most new moles or any mole that is changing significantly in size, shape, or color needs to be checked out by your doctor. The formation of new moles can be normal in younger people. For example, adults in their twenties are still often forming occasional new moles, and this rarely means anything concerning. In older adults, however, a new mole is much more concerning. Regardless, I think the best thing would be to see your primary care doctor or your dermatologist, who can take a quick look at the moles and determine whether or not they are concerning. If they are concerning, then you will need a biopsy to rule out melanoma. This is a simple office procedure that can be done with just some local numbing medication in the skin and requires just a few minutes. If the biopsy comes back negative, then you definitely don't have to worry. See your doctor at your earliest convenience!

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