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"Is a small blockage in your heart a cause for concern?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a small blockage in your heart a cause for concern?


I have a small blockage in my heart according to my doctor. He did not seem too concerned but said I should start exercising and eating better. Could it cause problems in the meantime before I get into better shape though?


A blockage in the blood vessels that serve the heart (which is what I think you mean by a blockage in your hear) is something that is common, but serious and should be taken very seriously. If they get large and serious, these blockages are the source of heart attacks, heart failure, and chest pain. In order to make the statement that you have a blockage in your heart, you would have had to undergo either a nuclear stress test or a cardiac catheterization. If you have not undergone either of these tests, then it cannot be determined that you have a blockage. Assuming you have had one or both of these tests, then you will need to pay close attention to your life style, and take certain medications for most of your life. The life style issues are that you need to eat more vegetables, eat less meat, eat less salt, and exercise more. The medications that you will need to be on include most importantly a statin (examples include atorvastatin and rosuvastatin). If you are on this medication, and you are doing your best at improving your life style, then you stand a good chance to avoid heart issues in the future. In addition, if you do have a blockage, you should schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for further workup and instructions. Good luck.

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