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"What is the best way to heal a broken toe?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the best way to heal a broken toe?


Broke my toe when I hit it on a rock when I was running. It was swollen but now it is just really bruised and my foot hurts too. Any way to make it heal better? There's no way I can stay off of my feet but I feel like that might be the only way to heal...


I would suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor about this issue if you have not done so already. They can take a look at your toe and help you figure out if this is really a broken toe of if you have just sprained it badly. They can also make sure that you have not injured any of the other bones or ligaments in your foot or ankle. If this does turn out to be a broken toe, there is not usually a lot lot that can or that needs to be done from a medical standpoint. If the break is not too severe and not displaced, your doctor may apply a splint to the toe or may tape it to the adjoining toe. This will help to immobilize the bone and help it to heal more quickly. They will also give you advice about how long you will need to rest to speed and ensure healing. At a minimum, you will not be able to do any vigorous exercise (such as running) until the pain and swelling have died down. They will also be able to give you some advice about medications to take for the pain. Please see your doctor soon.

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