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"Is the bump on my finger a wart?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the bump on my finger a wart?


I had a wart once when I was a kid but never had one again. Now I see a little white bump on my finger and I don't know if it is a wart or not. Should I see a doctor about it or maybe just buy some kind of a wart remover from the drug store?


I would recommend that you see your doctor about this issue. Your primary care doctor should be able to look at the bump and tell you right away whether or not this is a wart, or if there is some other cause for the bump. Warts are very common infections of the skin caused by viruses. They are more common in children but they can also occur in adults, so it is certainly possible that this is what is going on. If your doctor agrees, then many small warts can be treated with the types of over the counter wart removers that you are mentioning. On the other hand, larger warts or warts that are spreading may require freezing off in your doctor's office or treatment with a prescription strength wart remover. Another potential cause of a white bump on the skin would be a callus, which could occur if you have been working with your hands a lot. It is important to tell the difference, because a callus will not respond to wart treatments! Rather, avoiding pressure on the callus and gentle moisturizing and exfoliation should do the trick. See your primary care doctor at your earliest convenience.

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