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"What made my testicle become sore?"


Yesterday I had some pain in my right testicle but then it went away. Today it is still tender though and I'm getting a little worried. Is this a normal guy problem or could something really be wrong?


This is an issue you should get checked out by your primary care doctor at your earliest convenience, as they can help you figure out if there is something serious going on. In the meantime, there is one emergent problem that can cause pain in the testicle, which is testicular torsion. This is characterized by sudden, very severe pain in one testicle, and it requires immediate emergency room evaluation.

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Therefore, if your pain because suddenly very severe, you should go seek emergency room help; otherwise, see your doctor as you are able. One problem that can cause soreness in the testicles is something called epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the tubes that carry sperm away from the testicle. Sometimes epididymitis is caused by an infection, such as a sexually transmitted infection. Your doctor can examine you for evidence of epididymitis and also can perform tests for sexually transmitted infections. Another condition which your doctor will consider is a hernia, which often causes an aching sensation in one testicle, usually made worse by exercise or heavy lifting. Finally, very vigorous sexual activity can sometimes cause a bit of aching discomfort in the testicles that generally clears up with rest. See your doctor!

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