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"Why is there a sore spot on the inside of my lip?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is there a sore spot on the inside of my lip?


Rough patch on the inside of my lip that is also really sore. It is like I bit my lip really hard but I know I didn't unless I did it in my sleep. How can this be taken care of? How can I make it heal?


Although you don't remember doing so, it is certainly possible that you bit your lip, either while chewing food or while asleep. It is pretty common to do this and not realize it at the time! The other possibility is that you might have a canker sore, which is an ulcer in the mouth that develops for unclear reason, often in times of stress or fatigue. Regardless of whether this sore area is from a bit lip or from a canker sore, there is no good treatment option available to help clear it up right away. Some things that you can do at home include gargling with warm salt water, which may reduce the inflammation a bit, and taking a standard over the counter pain reliever as needed. In either case, you should go to see your primary care doctor for more advice. Again, if this ends up being just a bit lip or a canker sore, there is nothing that they will be able to do to make it heal up more quickly. However, there are some prescription medications, including some topical numbing medications, that they can give you to take away the pain.

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