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"I took out my nipple piercings and now there are bumps at the site - why?"

ZocdocAnswersI took out my nipple piercings and now there are bumps at the site - why?


What can I do to make the go away? The bumps are small and are where the piercing hole use to be.


Small bumps where there has been trauma is a relatively common event. This may represent the normal healing process or something more worrisome. I would recommend that you discuss this with your primary care doctor in order to have this better evaluated. At any point of trauma in the skin (including the intentional trauma of a piercing), the body must undergo a healing process. This process involves inflammatory cells that come to the area to "clean up the debris" and then cells that deposit fibrous tissue (which is the scaffolding on which the new skin is built). Therefore the bumps you are noticing may be the fibrotic tissue being deposited. In some people, there is a hyperactive response and the fibrous tissue in deposited in excess -- this can form what we call a keloid. This is especially true darker skin individuals. The other possibility is that this represents and infection. These infections can either be of the skin (known as cellulitis) or the hair follicle (known as folliculitis which leads to an acne type picture). This can be a significant problem. If you develop fevers or chills than you should immediately seek medical attention. There are treatments for any of the problems noted above. Please have your doctor evaluate this. Good luck!

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