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"Are swollen glands dangerous during pregnancy?"

ZocdocAnswersAre swollen glands dangerous during pregnancy?


my throat was begining to hurt the other day and i woke up this morning and noticed my glads are swollen and im 36 weeks pregnant could it harm the baby?


Swollen glands is a lay term to describe an enlarged lymph node in the neck. Swelling in this area can be caused by many different problems, but none of them are specific to pregnancy. Since you also have a sore throat, then more than likely, you have caught an upper respiratory tract virus or some other type of infection. This should not be of any major significance. Certain types of infections such as a strep infection are can be particularly dangerous in pregnancy. Since you are so far along and probably nearing your delivery date, it is probably best for you to see your OBGYN about this new finding. At this point you should be having weekly visits with your OBGYN in preparation for delivery. At each visit, you doctor should be performing a physical exam which should include feeling for any enlarged lymph nodes in your neck. These alone are not enough to warrant any form of treatment, but should increase your awareness of any other symptoms of infection such as a sore throat or fever. If you do develop symptoms of a bad infection such as fever, chills, and sweats, you should go to the emergency department of the hospital where you plan on delivering. This way you can get evaluated quickly by doctors that known you. Good luck. Again, please see your OBGYN soon.

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