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"Is it bad to eat a lot of cheese?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it bad to eat a lot of cheese?


I am a vegetarian and eat a lot of veggies but also cheese is this bad? I eat cheese almost everyday


As with any type of diet, eating a certain food in excess is usually not a great idea. With that said, being a vegetarian does make your diet healthier that most. This of course assumes that you are not replacing meat with pastries and baked goods. Cheese does contain a significant amount of fat and therefore should be consumed in moderation. However, this does not mean that you should abstain from it. It just means that you shouldn't have it for every meal. Having it in some form once or twice a day is probably fine. I should also mention that not all cheeses are created equal. Some of the synthetic cheese that you would place on top of macaroni and cheese for example are worse for you than unprocessed Swiss cheese. You should do some research on different types of cheese to find the types with the least number of calories and the least amount of saturated fats. This way you can have more cheese which will make all your meals more enjoyable. The best doctor to discuss this issue with is your primary care doctor. He or she can set up a meeting with a nutritionist who can guide you further in making your diet as healthy as possible.

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