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"From a pelvic ultra sound to a pelvic MRI?"

ZocdocAnswersFrom a pelvic ultra sound to a pelvic MRI?


I recently had a pelvic ultra sound done and just got a letter saying I should follow up with an MRI. I went to get this done because I have recently become irregular and wanted to be put on birth control and my doctor ordered it. Also on my last pap smear it came out abnormal and I am scheduled for a colposcopy soon. I am 22 years old. Should I be worried?


A pelvic ultrasound and a pelvic MRI are both ways to better look at the organs of the pelvis -- namely the female reproductive organs such as the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. I would recommend that you speak to your primary care doctor or ob/gyn physician. A pelvic ultrasound is often the first step in evaluating the ovaries and uterus. This is a relatively quick and safe procedures -- using only sound waves in order look at the pertinent structures. That being said, the sound wave are not perfect. For some people, the pictures are not good enough. For these people, a pelvic MRI is the next best option. While a little bit more of an intensive test (and significantly more expensive), this can better delineate what exactly is going on in the pelvis. It is really hard to know exactly what the radiologist saw on the pelvic ultrasound and therefore it is hard to know if you should worry. I would recommend you see your doctor for more information. Some problems that could be noted: an enlarged uterus (containing fibroids) or ovarian cysts. These are relatively common. Endometriosis is also a problem that can be seen on the imaging. They themselves can be very minor or can be very troublesome. Again, please talk to your doctor. Good luck!

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